Etihad Museum

    Etihad Museum – Coming soon in December 2016

    A dynamic 21st century museum, Etihad Museum is focused on inspiring Emiratis and international visitors alike with the story of the founding of the United Arab Emirates. The museum celebrates the dedication, commitment and patriotism of the nation’s founders and invites individuals from all walks of life to follow their example in nation building.

    Through a unique visitor journey, Etihad Museum will present experience-driven exhibitions, interactive programmes and education initiatives that explore the chronology of events that culminated in the formation of the Union of the Emirates in 1971, with a key emphasis on the period between 1968 and 1974. Through interactive exhibits and learning programmes, the museum tells the story of the Union's creation from the perspective of the country's leaders. The experience also aims to educate visitors about the nation's constitution, in particular the rights, privileges and responsibilities that it bestows upon the people of the UAE. The museum collection includes objects and documents relating to the events of the formation of the UAE nation, and will contribute to an active research and publishing programme on the story of the Union.