Al Maktoum Hospital Museum

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Dubai Culture has unveiled 'Al Maktoum Hospital Museum,' a first-of-its-kind tribute to Dubai's first hospital. Situated in Al Wasl District and developed in collaboration with Wasl Properties, 'Al Maktoum Hospital Museum' marks the first milestone in Dubai Culture's mandate of building museums to preserve the rich Emirati heritage.

It highlights the various facets of the hospital, preserved through the eyes and experiences of the hospital's very first doctors, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Dubai Culture has also unveiled a crowdsourcing programme, encouraging people to share their stories about Al Maktoum Hospital.

As part of creating a new museology for Dubai, the crowdsourcing initiative is central to chronicling the historic significance of the hospital and its contribution to Dubai's medical sector.

Built on the power of storytelling, 'Al Maktoum Hospital Museum' is a living testament to the importance of the community's involvement in preserving and promoting Dubai's history and heritage.

'Al Maktoum Hospital Museum,' located within the confines of the original building, paves the path for the city to conserve its history, even as future strides of progress are being made.

Built in the 1950s, Al Maktoum Hospital treated patients from across the region. The museum will shed light on its evolution and highlight the spirit of collaboration that established it as a referral point for world-class medical care.

The second phase of crowdsourcing is now on: Professionals from the medical sector, including pharmacies, ambulances, and laboratories, and Dubai residents are invited to their experiences, memories and anecdotes of Al Maktoum Hospital.