Soul of Dubai

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​Launched in 2012, Soul of Dubai aims at showcasing the dynamic growth of the city as well as its cultural diversity and heritage, as seen through the eyes of its artistic community. The first phase, explored using short films, was further expanded to Literature, with the launch of the 'Soul of Dubai Guide,' a one-stop referral source into one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Featuring tales of humble beginnings and aspirations for the future from a diverse cross-section of residents and citizens of Dubai, from television personalities to art gallery owners, and entrepreneurs, who have made their mark in the city's creative landscape, the first edition of the 'Soul of Dubai Guide' is the result of extensive focus group interviews and research, conducted with people from different industries and nationalities, who come together to reveal their favourite places in the city. An ongoing initiative, Dubai Culture will continue to update the 'Soul of Dubai Guide' with feedback from the community