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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority
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“Over the next few years, I can clearly see the UAE becoming the region’s biggest cultural hub and one of the world’s most preferred destinations.”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Promoting Dubai’s cultural landscape

Dubai Culture supports and inspires local and international creative talent, ensuring that art and creativity can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

It empowers the growth of Dubai’s creative sector as a key contributor to the emirate’s economic growth and position on the global cultural map. Finally, it celebrates and safeguards Dubai’s cultural heritage, with the overarching aim of positioning the emirate as a global center for culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent.
The key strategic pillars underpin the Authority’s mandated role as a policymaker and planner, regulator, enabler and operator – one that seeks to facilitate and promote the development and sustainability of the city’s cultural ecosystem and creative economy.


Dubai: A global center for culture. A thriving hub for talent. An incubator for creativity.

Our Mission

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To enable the next generation of talent to be inspired to connect and create.

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To make culture everywhere and for everyone.

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To enable culture and arts to positively contribute to the economy.

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To position Dubai on the global cultural map.

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To ensure national heritage is preserved, celebrated, and globally recognized.

Strategic Objectives

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  • Foster an ecosystem for young talent to thrive (in and outside the education system)

  • Attract & retain diverse global talent

  • Strengthen and increase engagement and accessibility of the diverse community with Dubai's cultural, arts, and design offerings.

  • Cultivate a nurturing business environment

  • Boost Dubai’s status as a cultural destination

  • Export Dubai’s homegrown cultural offerings

  • Safeguard intangible and tangible cultural heritage