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  • Dubai Framework For Cultural Statistics

    The Dubai Framework for Cultural Statistics sets a local statistical description and classification of the sectors and activities of the emirate’s creative economy per international references and standards in this field. It constitutes a new stop on the road to designing a dynamic system that will enable Dubai to define its creative pulse and enable and develop its cultural and creative sector.

    Dubai Framework For Cultural Statistics
  • Dubai Creative Economy Strategy

    It is an ambitious strategy that aims to transform Dubai into a preferred destination for global talents and the global capital of the creative economy by 2026 by creating the necessary legislative and investment environment for the prosperity of the emirate’s creative sector, increasing its attractiveness to talents, investors and entrepreneurs.

    Dubai Creative Economy Strategy
  • Creative Dubai

    ‘Creative Dubai: Dubai’s growing cultural industries’ is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive, analytical view of the emirate’s cultural industries. It explores ways to advance them to new heights and allows for monitoring the performance of the cultural and creative industries sectors by highlighting the creative economy.

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    Creative Dubai