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15 Mar, 24
31 Mar, 24

Dubai Culture's Ramadan celebration embraces tradition and promotes giving

  • 12:17-12: 22 PM Friday
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In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, Dubai Culture is organising a series of activities aimed at enabling community members to enjoy the Ramadan atmosphere in Dubai and highlighting its authentic social customs and traditions. This comes as part of the Authority's support for the similarly aligned ‘Ramadan in Dubai’ festivities.

In line with its social responsibility commitment, Dubai Culture, in collaboration with talabat UAE and the Emirates Red Crescent, is organising the fifth ‘Ramadan Heroes’ initiative, which aligns with the Authority's social commitment, promoting community unity and humane efforts, building on the success of its past editions. Through this year’s slogan ‘Celebrating the Gift of Giving’, Dubai Culture aims to support underprivileged community members by encouraging the public to donate Iftar and Suhoor meals and talabat Mart Ramadan Boxes by using the ‘Ramadan Heroes Virtual Restaurant’ on the talabat UAE application, to be safely and quickly delivered to beneficiaries across the country in coordination with the Emirates Red Crescent field teams.

Dubai Culture is also organising a series of events themed ‘Ramadan Nights’, the first hosted by Etihad Museum on 15 and 16 March and particularly focusing on the UAE's involvement in the development and establishment of a lunar space station. Additionally, visitors to Al Shindagha Museum, the UAE’s largest heritage museum, from 22 to 31 March, will have the opportunity to experience various Ramadan-linked activities inspired by local heritage. These include the ‘Bu Tebaila Walk’, which revives Ramadan ‘steps of Suhoor’ rituals, and the ‘Ramadan Market’, organised by Dubai Culture in collaboration with the ‘EmpowerHer’ initiative. Moreover, the museum’s Visitor Centre will be transformed into an area where visitors can gather to enjoy the atmosphere and savour distinctive Suhoor meals provided by various vendors, including Chef Maitha, Dubai Food Babes, Sultan Eats, and others.

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