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02 March, 2024

Dubai Culture offers intellectual programmes and inspiring sessions during Reading Month

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has announced the organisation of a series of reading activities and sessions across most of its Dubai Public Library branches, coinciding with the UAE Reading Month 2024 held under the theme ‘UAE Reads’. This embodies the Authority’s commitment to supporting the National Reading Strategy 2016-2026, aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of reading and enhancing cultural values in the community.
Dr Saeed Mubarak bin Kharbash, CEO of the Arts & Literature Sector at Dubai Culture affirmed the Authority's interest in empowering the cultural system, enriching the community's cognitive construction, and encouraging individuals to establish reading as a daily habit, saying: “The Reading Month has turned into an annual season to celebrate books and authors, thanks to the activities and events it provides that contribute to opening horizons for authors and building a generation of readers and intellectuals capable of leading the comprehensive development process and achieving the aspirations of the state and its future ambitions. The Authority has prepared a comprehensive programme for this month, targeting all community members to be part of these activities and instilling the love of books and reading in everyone's hearts, promoting the value of reading and providing its sources for adults and children.”
Bin Kharbash added: “Dubai Culture is proud of its strategic partnership with Big Bad Wolf Books, which presents more than two million books in its fifth edition, launching on 1st March in Dubai Studio City. We also appreciate our knowledge partnership with L’Ecole Middle East, which resulted in the establishment of a special corner in the Al Safa Art and Design Library; the comprehensive collection of books about the arts of jewellery design and crafting is a fantastic addition.”
Throughout March, the Dubai Public Library branches will open their doors to visitors of School of Life who will be attending a series of discussion sessions and interactive workshops. Al Safa Art & Design Library will host a ‘Celebrating Traditions & Cultures’ session presented by Naoul Chaoui, highlighting the importance of literature within diverse traditions and cultures. Meanwhile, Latifa Mohammed will present two exciting sessions; the first will be held at Al Safa Art & Design library and will transform a simple exchange into a captivating literary adventure through the ‘Stories Between Pages: Book Swap' session, while in the second the attendees will convene in a circle, fostering connections and facilitating engaging conversations about literature and beyond at Al Shindagha Historic Neighbourhood as part of Sikka Art & Design festival.
For the Library Talks initiative at Al Mankhool Library, Hiba Khalil introduces 'Hubble Bubble' to young readers. This book is a gentle guide that helps children understand themselves through a captivating journey. It uses rhymes and illustrations to explore profound life themes, aiding kids in reflecting on their thoughts and emotions.
Dubai Culture will organise a ‘Second-Hand Book Fair’ at Al Rashidiya Library to contribute to the spread of knowledge and make it accessible to everyone, encouraging interest in books and recycling them, with the proceeds allocated to a charitable organisation in the country as a community contribution from the Authority.